Welcome to the Visas Department of the Consulate General of Mexico in San José, California


U.S. Citizens.-

·         All US Citizens are required to present USA Passport when entering Mexico (traveling by air, land or sea) at the point of entry.

·         No visa is required for touristic purposes (visiting Mexico for unpaid activities and for a stay less than 180 days).

U.S. Permanent Residents.-

·         USA Permanent Residents traveling by air, land or sea to Mexico are required to present a valid Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and a valid, not expired passport or travel document.

Other nationalities or Non-U.S. Permanent Residents.-

·         All those foreign nationals, regardless of their nationality won't need a Mexican visa as long as they are holders of a valid and not expired USA visa in their passport.

·         If the USA visa stamped in your passport is already expired, but you have an official document or form proving your legal status in USA, you would have to apply for a Mexican visa at this Consulate (I-797 A Forms, Advance Parole Forms, I-20 OR DS-2019 Forms won’t be good enough for entering to Mexico without a Mexican visa).

·         List of countries that do not require a visa (visiting Mexico for unpaid activities and for a stay of less than 180 days).



·         All visa applications are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


·         Application form: English and Español  (ApplicationEnglish/SolicitudEspañol)

·         Bring ORIGINAL and ONE PHOTOCOPY of the supporting documents.



·         Tourism incentives (visiting Mexico for unpaid activities and for a stay of less than 180 days): Visitor without permission to perform lucrative activities

·         Visitor with permission to conduct remunerated activities

·         Visitor visa to conduct adoption proceedings

·         Temporary Resident Visa

·         Student Temporary Residence Visa

·         Permanent Residence Visa

·         Diplomatic and Official visas.



http://www.gob.mx/senasica/articulos/que-hacer-si-viajas-a-mexico-con-tu-mascota (Spanish website)


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